Naxian Farm Experience & wood-cooking lesson

Discover the charms of rural island living with a wood-cooking experience on Perivoli, a Naxian farm

The tour commences at a family-owned farm located near the village of Melanes.

To begin with, guests will have the opportunity to meet a diverse range of farm animals, including chickens, rabbits, pigs, peacocks, and more. You will also have the opportunity to engage in collecting the day's freshly laid eggs.

Following that, a visit to the olive groves will allow you to learn about the methods employed to cultivate healthy trees and produce top-quality olive oil.

Subsequently, we will guide you through the potato fields, introducing you to the renowned Naxian potato.

You will then have the chance to explore various fruit trees, sampling the delicious seasonal fruits they yield.

Next on the itinerary is a visit to the vineyard and vegetable garden, where you can gather the finest seasonal produce.

Finally, you will collaborate in cooking traditional Naxian recipes over a wood fire. This culinary adventure will include preparing a Naxian omelet and an appetizer such as zucchini balls, savoring Naxian potatoes, sampling a variety of Naxos cheeses, preparing a main dish such as "briam" or "gemista" and enjoying locally produced house wine. To top it off, you will have the opportunity to taste a spoonful of our homemade fruit preserves.

We kindly request the guests to refrain from having a substantial breakfast as the farm owners will be providing them with a treat.

To conclude, If you're in the mood for some fun, they can even partake in lively traditional Naxian dances together!

Meet our Farm animals

Engange with them and collect the eggs

Roosters and Hens

Roosters and Hens

Feeding them is always a plesure



They are a little bit dirty but funny



Our cutest friends

The famous Naxian Potato

From the begining to the end

Potato planting

The beginning

The traditional way to plant the potato

Potato Plants

Potato plants

The potato as a plant

Fried potatoes

Fried potato

The most flavor way to cook them

Meet our olive groves

Learn everything about olive trees and olive oil

olive trees

Our olive trees

Planted by my grandfather



Our green gold

San Francisco

Olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil

Some of our fruit trees

Our farm includes almost 100 fruit trees



Figs are my favorite fruit



Fruits makes the kids always happy



One of the healthiest fruits

Vineyard and vegetable garden

What we have created



Some of our vegetable plants



Artichoke has a unique taste



Taste our local house wine or grapes

Lets cook together and enjoy

Food is always the best part


Wood-cooking vegetables

Wood-fire gives a special taste to our food


The preparation

Cooking with grandmother

naxos omelet

Naxos omelet

Naxos omelet with naxos cheese and potatoes


Perivoli Farm Experience

Nikos Anevlavis

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Discover the charms of rural island living with a wood-cooking experience on Perivoli, a Naxian farm